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Tarpaflex Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for responses to some of our most frequently asked questions and queries.

For more information, please visit our Tarpaulin Advice page.

Can you manufacture made to measure covers?

No. However if your requirement is on a large scale we can order particular sizes from our suppliers in the Far East. We work on a minimum 4 month lead time, and minimum quantities will apply; please contact us for details. For immediate requirements we can supply you with UK companies who specialise in bespoke covers; details will be passed on upon request.

Why is there a seam on my cover?

Most tarps need a seam as it is impossible to fabricate a tarpaulin without heat sealing several pieces of polyethylene together. A seam may not be necessary on some of the smaller sizes as they can be fabricated from one piece of material. This also applies to dust sheets where a seam is stitched.

Do you offer a guarantee to the lifespan of your tarpaulins?

No. As all of our tarpaulins are subject to varying weather conditions and put to so many different uses we cannot guarantee the length of time they will last. Generally speaking a heavier grade tarpaulin is more likely to last longer than an economy grade tarp. To maximise the lifespan of your tarpaulin we recommend to securely fasten your cover, and ensure that the sheet is not able to flap about.

Tarpaflex cannot be held responsible for damage caused by wear and tear, or degradation through UV after a prolonged period of use, please see our tarps that do have a UV warranty. Please also bear in mind that eyelets can come under a lot of pressure, and so any stress points should be reinforced. While the material a tarp is made from may be heavy duty, no such guarantee is given to the eyelets. Fixing additional eyelets can help spread the load. Please also avoid any sharp edges and constant friction which can reduce the lifespan of your cover.

What size are the eyelets? Are they on all four sides of the tarpaulin?

The standard inside diameter on the majority of our tarpaulin eyelets is approximately 12mm. However, eyelets on the Black/Silver 270gsm and Olive Green PVC 560gsm tarpaulins are currently 20mm.

Eyelets are on all 4 corners and spaced all around the hemmed edges. On a tarpaulin with riveted corner patches, you can expect the inside diameter to be approx 8mm.

Knitted eyeholes on the debris netting are approximately 20mm wide when stretched. The outline eyeholes on scaffold sheeting are approx 15mm in diameter.

Additional eyelets in both 12mm and 20mm diameters are available for purchase from our Accessories section.

Am I able to collect tarps directly from your Warehouse to save shipping costs?

Yes - we are open from 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Please call before visiting to make an appointment. We do not have a shop/trade counter so, for health & safety reasons, an appointment must be made before your visit. Furthermore we will need to check that we have the size and colour of tarpaulin you require.

How long until I receive my order?

Please see delivery information on the 'Shipping' page for full details. In summary, standard orders are up to 3-5 working days from date of order. Next working day service is available for a surcharge; our cut off time is 4pm for parcel deliveries and 2pm for pallet deliveries.

How can I cancel my order?

By simply phoning 01409 221192 and speaking to one of our friendly sales representatives. Delivery/return charges will be levied if goods have already left our warehouse.

Do Tarpaflex Tarpaulins stand up to windy conditions? What is the best way to secure a tarpaulin?

Yes. However it is essential that the tarp is tied down properly; if it is not it may tear and the eyelets may fall out.Tarpaflex therefore cannot be held responsible for weather related damage to tarpaulins. We always recommend using bungee cords wherever possible; these are available for purchase in the 'Accessories' section. It is also recommended to tie down the tarp with rope, by fastening rope around the item to be covered. Furthermore, eyelets are provided as an aid to securing the tarp - they are not designed to have pressure applied to them by ratchet straps or any other misuse. We strongly recommend the use of extra eyelets.

Are Tarpaflex Tarpaulins guaranteed?

All our products are guaranteed to be free from defect at the time of purchase. Therefore if your tarp has a defect due to a manufacturing fault, we will replace the item free of charge. Please report any problems before using the tarpaulin. We will always request a digital photograph of the fault - this can be emailed to Our warranty does not cover for usage even if eyelets or the tarpaulin rips within 24 hours of purchase caused by weather or strain applied beyond the limits of the product. We are on hand to offer advice on our products but it is the customer's responsibility to judge the suitability of the product for their requirements.Tarpaflex will not accept any responsibility for the misuse of our tarps for warranty claims.
Our range of heavy weight 250,270,350 and 560gsm tarpaulins do come with warranties against UV degradation, please refer to each product for further information.

The Tarpaflex tarpaulin I received is shorter by 14cms than the size stated - please explain cut size.

Cut size is the industry’s standard way to manufacture tarps. When an importer in the UK or any other part of the world purchases tarpaulins from the manufacturers in the Far East, we purchase the cloth for a tarp which is say 4m x 5m - this is the cut size. This material, being 4m x 5m, is then made into a tarpaulin. However, by making and bevelling over the hems and adding eyelets this reduces the final size of the tarp by up to 30cms, for example giving a finished size of 3m 70cms x 4m 70cms.

How do I determine the quality of a Tarpaulin purchased by weight?

Tarpaflex sells tarpaulins by weight. Poly tarps, being made from a plastic raw material, are an oil based commodity - therefore you should focus on the weight in GSM (grams per square metre) when purchasing any tarpaulin.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Cheques, and of course cash.

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Do you have any promotions or voucher codes? How can I use them?

We run seasonal promotions, to include voucher codes for repeat business. Voucher codes are sent to repeat customers with their orders.

To use your voucher code, simply enter the unique code at checkout. This will automatically apply the offer to your shopping basket. Voucher codes are only valid on our website, and cannot be used in conjunction with eBay purchases.

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