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Ratchets are an effective means of tying down and securing loads, and are popular for use on trailers, boats and roof racks, with a huge number of uses in both domestic and commercial situations. These straps can also be used in conjunction with your tarpaulin as a lashing device. Please note: we do not recommend that excessive force or pressure is applied to eyelets as this may cause them to pull out. For tips on securing your tarpaulin click here.

Our Mini Ratchets are 25mm wide and 4m in length. They are made from a durable polyester webbing, a superior and more hardwearing product to other polypropylene versions available. The ratchet handles are made from pressed steel which is then yellow zinc plated. The cam buckles are cast metal. All of our Ratchet Straps conform fully to British Standard EN12195-2.

We also supply 50mm heavy duty claw hook ratchets, with an advised breaking strain of 5000kgs. These are available in 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m lengths.

Please note: these ratchet straps are not to be used for lifting.

We have four types of Mini Ratchet on offer as follows:
    Cam Buckle - boasts an approx. breaking strain of 250kg
    S-Hook Ratchet - includes black PVC-coated S-hook at end
    Claw Hook Ratchet - includes zinc-plated pressed steel metal hook for easy securing
    Endless Ratchet - supplied with no end attachment

Our 50mm HD ratchets come in 4 lengths:
    6m, 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m
    Advised breaking load 5000kgs
    Comes with Claw Hook end attachment

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(Images are for illustrative purposes only; colours and tarpaulin fittings (eg. eyelets, corner reinforcements) may vary as stock is sourced from multiple suppliers. Images copyright to Tarpaflex - no reproduction without the explicit consent of Tarpaflex.)
Claw Hook Ratchet GREEN - 4m x 25mm

Claw Hook Ratchet GREEN - 4m x 25mm

Price: 3.92

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