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CP Wax 400 Canvas Tarpaulins - Tan 13oz

Introduced as a lighter alternative to our traditional waxed canvas tarpaulin, the CP Wax 400 tarpaulins are fabricated to 13oz per square yard.

Our popular 18oz tan cotton canvas tarpaulins have been the best-selling canvas tarps for several years. They are amongst the heaviest tarps available and can sometimes be weighty to handle. We've therefore brought in a new selection of 13oz waxed tarps.

While they may look similar, compared to the 18oz tan canvas the CP Wax 400 has many benefits, including: a lower material weight at 13oz, improved tensile and tear strength, increased flexibility and superior waterproofing. Eyelets are set in reinforced tabs at 2ft intervals along single stitched hems.

Fabricated from a natural fabric, these hardy tarps are breathable; however please bear in mind that shrinkage can occur where canvas tarpaulins are subject to varying temperatures and we recommend to weather canvas tarps prior to usage. Canvas tarpaulins will require re-treating after prolonged exposure to the elements, this is in order to maintain their water resistant properties. For more information on our Canvas range, click here.

    Wax proofed 13oz canvas
    Eyelets at 2ft intervals
    A lighterweight alternative to our traditional tan canvas
    Available in 6 sizes

(Images are for illustrative purposes only; colours and tarpaulin fittings (eg. eyelets, corner reinforcements) may vary as stock is sourced from multiple suppliers. Images copyright to Tarpaflex - no reproduction without the explicit consent of Tarpaflex.)

These tarpaulins are wax-proofed and have been dyed, and so there can be a risk of colour transference upon application - please take caution. Most tarps will have a seam as they are fabricated by stitching several pieces of canvas together.

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